R-JetTek offers ink and other supplies needed to refill inkjet cartridges.

  This company is a single source supplier of inkjet printer cartridge ink, refilling supplies  and instruction videos.  

     Founded in 1989 in Colorado Springs, Colorado the company originally designed and manufactured automated inkjet cartridge processing machines.  These machines, along with their proprietary refill supplies and inks were used by cartridge recyclers in their businesses located throughout the World.  


      While inkjet cartridges continue to increase in price many individuals and refill stores count on R-JetTek to have the products they need to fill cartridges that save their customers up to 70% off compared to a new OEM cartridge.

     You can use our products with confidence that you're using the finest quality after market inks available.


Mike Warner
Owner - President

Headquarters - Colorado Springs, CO. USA