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       R-JetTek is the largest single source supplier of ink, packaging supplies and processing equipment to the Desktop inkjet cartridge industry.

     R-JetTek helps its customers, who are located in over 100 countries, compete by offering them the products and processes they need to professionally fill and/or remanufacture inkjet cartridges that can be sold to end users. 

     Founded in 1989 the company was named Ribbon-Tek and the company supplied printer ribbon equipment and supplies to the industry.  In the early 1990’s it expanded to include inkjet cartridge products and changed the name to R-JetTek. Our company holds several US patents and provides essentially all components, including many patent pending items, needed to remanufacture inkjet cartridges – except the empty used cartridges. 

    In 2001 R-JetTek was appointed the Exclusive North American Distributor for OCP of Germany for desktop inks.  We are their largest distributor in terms of volume.

     Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, R-JetTek is committed to being the most sought out supplier for high quality inkjet cartridge remanufacturing products and the finest inks. 

     We believe remanufacturing creates jobs, saves customers money and helps protect our fragile environment.  

     Today, like 30 years ago, it is my belief that OEM's should not monopolize the consumables market and that inkjet cartridges should be remanufactured.  To that end I'm very proud of our staff and how they help develop products and processes and offer great service to our customers and vendors.  


Mike Warner
Owner - President