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Management Change at R-JetTek

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I sincerely regret to inform you that our long time General Manager, Peter Mueller, will be leaving the company as of September 30th, 2022.  Peter, as many of you know is a very talented executive and electrical engineer.  Most of you that have worked with him over the past decade or more have appreciated not only his business knowledge and his sincere desire to serve you, but also his great sense of humor.  

Peter joined R-JetTek at a critical time in our growth.  He had left an executive job with a Swiss Company in Silicon Valley so he could be at home here in Colorado Springs with is beautiful wife and wonderful family.  A mutual friend recommended Peter to me and I was so happy to have him come on board as our GM.  He has served us and our customers and vendors well.

There will be a big void in our office as we no longer hear him on the phone, when he is speaking in his native language - German - with his European counterparts, vendors and friends.  

We joke about his witty ways and his ability to  put us all in our place.  

I must say. Peters being here allowed me to enjoy semi-retirement for the past 6 years.  Going forward I along with others on our staff will do our best to serve each of your needs.  


Mike Warner - Owner

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