Genuine SJ-27F Synthetic Lubricant (Oil) for Jun-Air Silent Compressors used in Labs and Dental Offices etc. 16oz

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Jun Air SJ-27F
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SJ-27F Jun-Air Synthetic Silent Compressor Oil is a relatively new version of the fully synthetic SJ-27 oil that has been introduced to the JUN-AIR Quiet Series air compressors.  The new lubricant uses the same base family of oil used in SJ-27, only with a slightly lower viscosity to improve compressor cooling over alternative oils.  The 'F' in the part number indicates it is Food Grade.

Lower oil operating temperature means:


       Get the best performance out of your Gast, Silentaire and Jun-Air Compressors with SJ-27 Genuine Lubricant.


  • Longer compressor life
  • Less oxidation (Scaling) of oil residue 


 The product comes in 473ml/16 ounce bottles. Use this oil to lubricate the Jun-Air silent compressor as part of the normal maintenance procedures.


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